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Working as a web writer and learning the art of content strategy has taught me that content is the web. Design is nice, and code is interesting, but the only reason anyone ever enjoyed the web was its content.

So this is a site about content. Most posts have (at least) one of four main focuses:

  • Since 2006 I’ve almost always been a writer of some sort when I’ve been at work. As a writer, I prefer the digital side of things to any other format. I’ve picked up a few things about web writing that are worth passing on, and I’ve seen (and done) plenty of things that everyone needs to stop doing.
  • Like a lot of writers with a curious mind and an eye for quality, I somehow drifted into content strategy and soon found a new home.
  • Like every content strategist, I soon discovered that the wrong workflow can kill off the best content. My risk management series takes a deep look at this, and proposes a new way of working in place of regular old sign-off.
  • From 2009 to early 2014 my job was making corporate web. I spent about 4 years in the Digital team at the National Australia Bank (NAB), then in 2013 shifted back home to New Zealand and joined BNZ Digital – same corporation, different company. As well as working with content I’ve also been a business lead for an agile development team. I’ve seen all the suits, office politics, bullshit buzzwords and large-organisation oddness that you could wish for. Sometimes you have to play nice, but you also need to know when to toughen up and how to stay sane.

About me: I’m Max

I’m Max Johns, a kiwi who works on content (on the web and elsewhere) and who tries to keep a hand in other digital stuff as well. In 2016 I started Content Strategy, Simplified – a little consulting company that I hope will help NZ businesses see exactly what content strategy is, why it’s not scary, and how valuable it can be when it’s done simply and done well.

I also work part-time for Jade Software – my title there has “marketing” in its name, but I’m usually okay with that.

I’m one of the team behind Auckland content strategy meetups, I tweet as @MxDEJ, and speak at conferences every now and then.

Header image: Many thanks to Danielle Caddy

Danielle Caddy was the photographer at UX Design Day Dunedin, 2014. The header photo on this site was taken early in my talk and I’m allowed to use it only because Danielle is so nice.

The usual disclaimer – my employer has nothing to do with this site

Content Is The Web is a personal website. Jade has no say in what gets published here, and any faults have nothing to do with that fine software company. Ok? Ok.

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  1. Hey Max,

    This is a great site with some really useful information which you’re ever-so-generously sharing. What a great mentor!

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