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I’ll be at Dunedin’s UX Design Day, October 31

Update, 2 November: UXDD was a fantastic day. I’ve posted my talk material: Sticky note overload! My talk from UX Design Day

One of the hardest things about getting to present at conferences and events is keeping my damn mouth shut about it until the organisers have announced the line-up. So, after a week or two of keeping my trap shut: I’M COMING TO DUNEDIN FOR UX DESIGN DAY!

Dunedin’s a special place, and any excuse to head back down for a visit is always a good thing. I lived there for seven years, it’s where I met my wonderful wife (as well as being her home town), and it’s where I made some of the best friendships of my life. As far as I recall, it was always exactly like this:

(That’s me on the obligatory outdoor couch, in the yellow and black t-shirt.)

UX Design Day is on October 31, and if a “one-day, sleeves-rolled-up, pva-on-your-fingers design conference” sounds like fun to you, registrations are open.

I’ll be talking about a subject I’ve riffed on a few times: the space where content and UX overlap. In particular I’ll look at how organisations can encourage that overlap, and make the most out of it. My talk is called ‘Content + UX = Better business’. At least, it will be once I’ve assembled it.

If you’re after an idea of where I’m starting from, have a look at this post: Content strategy and UX are twins. I wrote it before UX New Zealand last year, and I think it’s truer than ever now.


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By Max Johns

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4 replies on “I’ll be at Dunedin’s UX Design Day, October 31”

Would you believe I lived in Dunedin once? It was a while back – mid 70s. You probably weren’t even born then!

Whadya mean, “probably”? I’m a proud ’80s child (just), but wasn’t a Dunedinite until 1999. There’d be neighbourhoods you’d probably still recognise – the North East Valley flat in the photo here hadn’t changed for decades.

Hey Max,
It was great to meet you at UXDD, it was an excellent day and I got a lot out of it. Dunedin certainly is a special place – in fact, I’m interested in the photo you’ve posted! A sideline of mine is the Dunedin Flat Names Project where I’m collecting photos and stories of named flats in Dunedin. So, was “Party” a permanent sign on your flat??

Sarah @sarahlibrarina | @DNFlatnames

“Party” was a permanent state of being, so my recollection of the sign is kind of hazy. I doubt we would have bothered taking it down ourselves, unless we needed it for a hard-to-find party and left it there. For the record, that place is on Gillespie Street in North-East Valley. If I had to guess, I’d say it was number 20.

But don’t worry about that, because I can go one better. In late 2001 I signed the lease for 135 Cargill Street, The Commune. A fine name for a massive, old, three-story, eight-bedroom place. There was a quite laboriously carved sign above the door at the time, which we definitely kept for 2002 and 2003. A few of years later (2006, I reckon) a friend of mine happened to live there and the name and sign remained. So you can definitely add that one to the collection.

(Bonus info: 135 used to have a massive back lawn, but now it’s got neighbours at 135A. If you sit on the windowsill of the smallest, highest bedroom you can see the ocean.)

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