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How 4 types of internet magic made Santa real

Blog Secret Santa is back for 2014. Registrations are open until 5 December at

This is a story about Santa, and about content strategy, and about community and giving. It starts with a joke.

Depending on how you like your time zones, it was either October 31 or November 1 when Margot Bloomstein tweeted this. I can most definitely attest that she is far from the only content strategist who doesn’t feel like she’s blogging enough. So, quickly tweet a joke about it and move on, right?


Turns out people liked the idea, joke or not.

Internet magic 1: If you say something smart enough, even accidentally, people will pick up on it.

So, a quick Twitter conversation about how that would be kind of cool, and then we all go back to whatever we were doing, right?


Next thing I know, it’s three days later and Ben definitely wasn’t joking:

Internet magic 2: People who like building stuff will build stuff, just because they can.

And before you could say, “why is any of this happening?!”, Blog Secret Santa was alive. So, build something to prove it can be done, and leave it at that, right?

Of course not.

If you’d told me last month that I was going to become Twitter’s very own content-strategy-blogging-centric Santa, I would have…okay, I don’t know what I would have done. Because, who would predict that future for anyone? It’s ridiculous.

Internet magic 3: When you’re a little bit involved in something, it’s really easy – and fun – to join right in. Even if you’re not sure whether anyone else will.

Internet magic 4: Community!

Of course other people – real life people, from all over the world – are joining in.

(Ok, it’d be better if that last one didn’t show the what Corey was replying to, but still.)

As I write we have 43 people registered (we’ll be open until registrations closed on December 4).

There are still a few days before we We’ve let everyone know who they’ll be secretly blogging for. So long as the internet stays magic enough, they’ll all do the hard part, too, and write a post as Secret Santa. I can’t wait to combine internet magic and Christmas magic, and see dozens of secret posts springing up all over the internet.

Want to help make internet magic?

By Max Johns

Content strategist and web writer.

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