The Content Is The Web risk management series

Risk management: Content workflow without painful sign-off

This series of posts introduces an approach that can completely replace the broken, slow sign-off process that you’re probably using now. Over a number of posts I cover what’s wrong with sign-off as most companies run it today, then build up a full picture of risk management. The result is a system that is more collaborative, more informative, better for content, and less frustrating for everyone.

I discovered risk management (and ended up as a risk manager) when I worked for the New Zealand Defence Force (I was a civilian, not a soldier, and still get asked if I was actually a spy*). The military has given the business and management worlds a lot of terms (like “strategy”) and approaches. Risk management ought to be next.

Report, rate, then either accept or mitigate.

I first mentioned risk management in the context of content strategy as an aside during my presentation at CS Forum 2012, about corporate content strategy. If you take a look at that talk material, it starts at position 52/79.

The problem

The solution: Risk management

*No, I wasn’t actually a spy. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?