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Inter-city content strategy meetup love is quite possibly the world’s purest, and greatest, form of love

At CS Forum last year the three of us who organise Auckland Content Strategy Meetups met a lot of out counterparts from other cities. Briefly, we even shared a stage with them all. They were, and are, all lovely and brilliant people. And since that conference, a lot of inter-meetup activity has followed.

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Content people: An Auckland content strategy meetup presentation

I’m one of three people who have brought Auckland content strategy meetups back to life. We started on Wednesday night, and it was fantastic. I gave a short talk about “content people”, which was based on my ‘Content strategy and UX are twins’ post from last year.

It’s the first thing I’ve ever added to SlideShare, too, so this is just a big ol’ week of firsts. Excitementness!

Web content people – who we are, what we do, who we're like from Max Johns


I leaned heavily on some wonderful research by the wonderful Richard Ingram. His diagram of content strategy’s well-trodden paths is from his 2011 CS Forum talk, ‘How did we all get here?’. The video is well worth a watch.

On the UX side, Neilsen Norman Group’s User Experience Career Advice is the most thorough work of its kind that I’ve seen. If you don’t already get Jakob Neilsen’s Alertbox emails, you’re missing out.

Update, Feb 11: I just saw the typo (or entirely missing word, ahem) in this slide deck, and now I hate myself.

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How 4 types of internet magic made Santa real

Blog Secret Santa is back for 2014. Registrations are open until 5 December at

This is a story about Santa, and about content strategy, and about community and giving. It starts with a joke.

Depending on how you like your time zones, it was either October 31 or November 1 when Margot Bloomstein tweeted this. I can most definitely attest that she is far from the only content strategist who doesn’t feel like she’s blogging enough. So, quickly tweet a joke about it and move on, right?