Content strategy

Ok, fine, I’ll blog about content strategy and content marketing

I’ve been writing a series of posts at work lately that talk about content from all sort of different angles. They’re an attempt to gradually let people know what it is I actually do for a job. Recently I tried to answer a couple of classic old questions:

“What’s a content strategist?”

– Smart person who’s keen to learn awesome new stuff


“Oh, right, you mean Content Marketer.”

– Someone who wasn’t quite listening the way they could have been

So, here goes. Please think twice before you @ me.

Content strategy

Tinkering with ideas about excellence

I’ve been doing a bit of internal blogging at work. It’s been fun. I asked what people might want to read, and someone asked me about creating a culture of excellence in a content marketing team. Not my usual wheelhouse, but it got me thinking. Here’s what I’ve got so far.