Content strategy

Brief lessons from an information architecture review

Recently I’ve worked in a group looking at a large part of our site structure and information architecture (IA). This hasn’t just been a bunch of web experts sitting around talking in cosy acronyms and agreeing with each other. Instead we’ve been dealing with people from all around the company (which means, yes, having to speak in plain language to regular people) and disagreeing amongst ourselves as we do.

I like explaining things to people who don’t come from my little corner of the world. It means I have to think clearly and go back to basics, which often leads me to new realisations. I also like having good debates with other web people who see things differently to me. This reminds me that the basics I go back to are subjective, and sometimes worth rethinking. Getting both of these things out of the same project has taught me a few things worth sharing. For now I just want to get these things listed briefly; ideally I’ll ultimately write a post about each of them.