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Don’t “click here” – 5 ways bad link text screws up your website

I quickly pulled these screenshots out of a presentation I gave a few days ago, so I apologise for the haphazard borders. Hey, I never said I’m a designer…

Using “click here”, or similar words, as link text is a bad habit for a lot of reasons. But if you want to annoy people, here are five great things this lazy link text can do for you:

1. Make it impossible for people to differentiate things, no matter how unique they really are

When The Economist publishes two articles about the same event in a single edition, you know it’s a big deal. Unfortunately, when their summary of the week’s news invites you to “see here and here”, you can’t tell which article tells you about the make-up of Nigeria’s newly-elected parliament, and which one gives the life-so-far story of the ex-dictator that the people just elected.